Spinner Assembly - Piper
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Composite spinner assembly for installation on Piper PA-18, PA-19, PA-22, PA-25, PA-28’s with McCauley 1A200/FA series or Sensenich 76EM8 series propellers.  Spinner dome is fiberglass.  Bulkheads are Carbon Fiber.  These composite parts/assembly are lighter and superior to equivalent aluminum parts where cracking is a common problem.  Kit/Assembly includes P002-1247130-D001 Spinner Dome, P002-1247130-A003 Aft Bulkhead Assy, P002-1247130-A005 Bulkhead Assy, Fwd.  Can be installed on listed aircraft as direct replacement or other aircraft with field approval FAA form 337. 

May alternatly be purchased through Aircraft Spruce

  • Item #: P002-1247130-A001

Spinner Assembly - Piper

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